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Cross-cultural information leaflets

04 October 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article reflects on the development of leaflets in Urdu to support families in weaning children from milk to solids. Limitations in the translation process are...

Acute burns management: placement reflections of a children’s nursing student

07 March 2018

Nursing Children and Young People

Evidence & practice

Reflection can help nurses make sense of their clinical surroundings and understand risks, challenges and opportunities. Learning the art required for reflective...

Advances in hormone replacement therapy

17 July 1991

Nursing Standard

Clinical gynaecology

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be prescribed for a wide variety of symptoms. These are now recognised, and are summarised in Table 1. The value of HRT in the...

Management of vaginal dryness

24 April 1991

Nursing Standard

Clinical gynaecology

Vaginal dryness is a very common problem and one which many women suffer in silence. Although it is traditionally considered to be a problem which primarily afflicts...