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Stop bombarding children with junk food advertising

11 September 2017

Nursing Children and Young People


A year ago the government launched Childhood Obesity: A Plan for Action. This long-awaited plan had been eagerly anticipated by health professionals after the...

Managing performance

01 April 2008

Nursing Management


NURSING IS and should be seen as an honourable profession. Nurses’ involvement in the most intimate moments of people’s lives, such as birth, illness and death, is a...

No kidding

12 August 1998

Nursing Standard


MINISTERS FOR women, films, tourism.. .the list goes on. However, a third of the population remains the subject of disjointed and uncoordinated representation.

Shocking statistics

09 September 2015

Nursing Standard


An independent panel of experts last year declared the NHS to be the best healthcare system in the world. So why, as highlighted in a report published last year by...

State of child health in the UK is unacceptable

15 February 2017

Nursing Standard


The State of Child Health report, published last month by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, warns that a lack of a national strategic focus on...

Championing the child health cause

05 November 2014

Nursing Standard


Judith Ellis is the first nurse to be appointed chief executive of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Her top priorities at the college will be...

Using benchmarking to improve practice

24 May 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical quality assurance

Benchmarking is a relatively new addition to NHS quality initiatives. This article describes how a group of paediatric nurses set up a project to introduce...

Fitness to practise hearings are there to protect the public

23 May 2012

Nursing Standard


In response to Malcolm Harrison’s letter (May 16), the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s fitness to practise activity last year cost £43 million.

Administering drugs

01 May 1995

Paediatric Nursing

Continuing education

Aim The aim of this article is to explore issues surrounding the safe administration of drugs to children.

Nurse staffing requirements

01 July 2006

Nursing Management

Applied leadership

EVERY HEALTH SERVICE workforce planner, human resources team member, and health service leader faces the challenge of ensuring appropriate staffing.