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Student life - turn failure into success

12 January 2010

Nursing Standard

Career development

Every experience, whether good or bad, can be a learning experience. If a placement has been unsuccessful it is vital that the student identifies the reasons so they...

Student life - made to measure

18 January 2011

Nursing Standard

Careers & jobs

Most nurses agree that patients’ wishes, views and rights should be at the centre of their care.

Getting back on course

10 November 2009

Nursing Standard

Career developement

Most students will probably have found a favourite clinical placement during their training, an environment in which more was learned than in others.

An old idea meets a modern need

15 March 2011

Nursing Standard


The government announced this month that it is to make £1.4 billion available as a stimulus to create more apprenticeships, in the hope that this will create 100,000...

Work placement

06 October 2009

Nursing Standard

Student focus

Students say they hope to gain patients’ trust, become familiar with the geography and routines of the workplace, learn the ‘language of care’ and begin to recognise...

Face to face with success

23 August 2011

Nursing Standard

Career development

Job hunters often find that the hard work starts once they have been invited for an interview.

Inducing success

18 November 2008

Nursing Standard

Career develoment

Unfamiliar sights and sounds, along with a bewildering range of new words, can make the first days on a placement a frightening experience for nursing students....

Best advice? Be prepared

11 May 2011

Nursing Standard


As health service reform proceeds, people are likely to find themselves applying for jobs in new organisations or even for their own jobs.

A step back to the future

06 July 2011

Nursing Standard


The coalition government announced earlier this year that £1.4 billion would be invested in apprenticeship schemes, in the hope that 100,000 new jobs could be...

‘I AM A STAR’: a mnemonic for undertaking a mental state examination

Mental Health Practice

evidence & practice

Nurse lecturers should aim to create learning experiences that link theory and practice. The Nursing and Midwifery Council suggests that educational programmes...