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Mother-and-baby bonding is integral to mental health

07 December 2017

Mental Health Practice


When the RCN started its research project, Study of Nursing Care in 1966, I was not eligible to take part because I was a mental health nurse. The project was to...

Difficulties with numeracy need to be picked up early in training

19 November 2014

Nursing Standard


I have long retired from nursing, but I maintain an interest in current nursing affairs. I am saddened to read in the national press that Sandra Monk, a third-year...

Can anyone help me disseminate my body of nursing research?

03 April 2013

Nursing Standard


More than 40 years ago, I researched the nurse-patient relationship in The Unpopular Patient. My research, particularly on unmet social needs, has led me to...

If a private company can listen to staff then why can’t the NHS?

08 August 2012

Nursing Standard


As a nurse researcher and author of The Unpopular Patient, I contributed to Nursing Standard’s first webcast to share my understandings about one of the factors...

Address fundamental problems before introducing revalidation

25 September 2013

Nursing Standard


I write in support of Benny Goodman’s letter (September 18) questioning if revalidation can make any difference in improving nursing standards.