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Understanding Ethics for Nursing Students

24 January 2018

Learning Disability Practice

Book review

This book is part of the Transforming Nursing Practice series and makes a welcome contribution to the broad range of nursing ethics-related literature. It is...

Working ethics: how to be fair in a culturally complex world

01 June 2007

Learning Disability Practice

Book Review

Although this book covers professional ethics per se and is not written specifically for a healthcare audience, its approach is one that is highly relevant to the...

Anatomy for Problem Solving in Sports Medicine: The Knee

06 November 2015

Emergency Nurse

Book Review

AS ITS cover makes clear, this book is part of a series. The foreword is clear and gives a succinct and credible introduction to the book, and to the authors’...

The Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement

10 December 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

THIS EXCELLENT book addresses many of the most important aspects of bereavement.

Law, Values and Practice in Mental Health Nursing

09 June 2014

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

INCREASING ATTENTION is being paid to the concept and clarification of values that motivate and influence practitioners. This book is to be welcomed because it...

Making positive connections: A foundation for working with people who have a diagnosis of personality disorder

01 March 2004

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This book consists of a large A4-size ring-bound training package. It contains comprehensive and well-written materials aimed at enabling a trainer to guide and...

Rights: a critical introduction

01 April 2007

Mental Health Practice


According to the author, ‘rights’ are ‘claims to entitlements that individuals (and perhaps groups) can justifiably make on other people and organisations’. But such...

Values in professional practice: lessons for health, social care and other professionals

01 March 2005

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

It is essential that nurses fully appreciate the implications and responsibilities of being a ‘professional’. Professionalism is not solely concerned with competence...

Whose Values? A workbook for values-based practice in mental health care

01 March 2005

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

Values and standards are the key constituents of principles of practice. An awareness of values is therefore a fundamental component of the effective planning and...

Principles of mental health law and policy

01 March 2011

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

THE LINKS between mental health care and the law have become well established. Mental health services are subject to statutory regulation, and mental health...
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