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Providing information to adolescent oncology patients

01 June 1994

Paediatric Nursing

Oncology nursing

To he faced with the diagnosis of cancer during adolescence can be devastating and unreal. This is a time of discovery, change, excitement and decision-making, a...

Management of head injuries in children

06 July 2016

Emergency Nurse


Head injury is the most common cause of injury-related death and permanent disability in children. Minor head trauma is common in childhood and does not require any...

Diagnostic dilemma

07 December 2016

Emergency Nurse


One relatively common presentation at emergency departments (EDs) is children with increased thirst, or polydipsia, or those with a tendency to produce large...

Petechial rash in children: a clinical dilemma

11 May 2016

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Children with a petechial rash commonly present to emergency departments. The rash can be associated with serious illnesses, such as invasive meningococcal disease...

Nursing management of paediatric asthma in emergency departments

26 October 2018

Emergency Nurse


Childhood asthma is a complex disease which may be resistant to treatment and varies in its clinical presentation. The number of children admitted to emergency...