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How can I improve my patient triage skills?

31 October 2023

Emergency Nurse

Evidence and practice

Triage is a multi-faceted skill, with significant outcomes for the patient. Being able to accurately triage people is key to safe and effective practice.

Factors that affect nurses’ triage decisions in the emergency department: a literature review

28 February 2022

Emergency Nurse


Accurate triaging of patients in emergency departments (EDs) is crucial, since triage determines how quickly patients are assessed and treated. Understanding the...

How to triage patients in the emergency department

16 November 2023

Emergency Nurse


Triaging patients can be a complicated process, with multiple modes of assessment taking place simultaneously, and nurses need to be confident and competent in their...

Training nurses to triage: a scoping review

04 May 2023

Emergency Nurse

Triage training

Triage accuracy is important to ensure effective treatment and management of patients in the emergency department, however this requires nurses to receive...

Open AccessUnderstanding the demographics, training experiences and decision-making practices of UK triage nurses

23 May 2024

Emergency Nurse

evidence and practice

Background: International research suggests that triage nurses’ decision-making practices and training experiences vary significantly across emergency departments...