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Evaluating a change to primary nursing: Some methodological issues

10 September 1991

Nursing Standard

Nursing practice

Research studies which have been designed to evaluate the introduction of primary nursing as a method of organising the delivery of care frequently use an...

Nurses and doctorates

06 February 2002

Nursing Standard


Nursing has been slowly but steadily building up its research capacity. Many nurses have taken up the opportunity to study for master’s degrees and doctorates,...

Lagging behind the US and Canada

22 March 2005

Nursing Standard


Jane Bates is mistaken in her view that too much public money is spent on nursing research (perspectives March 2). Nursing and midwifery research receives less...

Developing the new practitioner

20 February 1991

Nursing Standard

Clinical ward management

It is hard to imagine what graduates of the new Project 2000 courses will be like. Will they be radically different from the products of conventional RGN courses, or...

Research issues in case management

26 July 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical clinical management

Case management and managed care are strategies for co-ordinating the services and care required by groups of patients in a variety of clinical areas. These systems...

Case management and managed care

01 February 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical clinical management

Case management has been described as a strategy to co-ordinate the services and care required by groups of patients, particularly those requiring community services...

University challenge

21 November 2001

Nursing Standard

Careers: development

For many nurses, a career in academic research sounds glamorous and high powered. After all, academia work at the cutting edge of knowledge development in a relaxed...

Front-line staff understand research needs

30 January 2002

Nursing Standard


Woody Caan, former health service research and development manager, (letters January 16) has expressed some concerns about my suggestion that directors of nursing...

Evidence of the impact of registered nurses

19 October 2004

Nursing Standard

Nursing the future

THE TEAM from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) concludes that higher proportions of registered nurses in the workforce are associated with...

Evaluating the use of patient pathway scores in medical assessments

Emergency Nurse

evidence & practice

Aim Aim This article describes the modification and testing of a triage tool, the patient pathway assessment score (PPAS), which could be used by all grades of...