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Why HER2 testing is essential

01 December 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice


In the past year, the biggest media hype in the field of breast cancer has been around trastuzumab (Herceptin), a drug that has been shown to be highly effective in...

What are my chances?

01 September 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


Benign breast disease refers to any lumps or mammographically- detected abnormalities that have been biopsied and found to not contain cancerous cells. The...

Filling the care gap

09 September 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice


WHILE EARLY breast cancer (EBC) has a high profile in the media and in advocacy groups, advanced breast cancer (ABC) has been undeservedly neglected with little...

Is cancer ready for its close-up?

08 October 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice


CANCER HAS long been a popular topic for film-makers – Terms of Endearment, Stepmom, Wit, The Bucket List, My Sister’s Keeper, 50/50 and The Fault in our Stars are...

Symposium report

01 April 2013

Cancer Nursing Practice


Risk assessment, screening and preventive strategies for breast cancer were topics covered in a symposium held last month in London.

Life after five

01 May 2007

Cancer Nursing Practice

Cancer website

As a clinical nurse specialist I was really excited to be asked to assist in a media campaign for a new cancer website. Although I had previously taken part in media...

Conference report

01 May 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice


The 8th European Breast Cancer Conference was held in Vienna in March with an attendance of more than 3,000.

Breast Cancer: Answers at your fingertips

01 September 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

I REMEMBER using the book Cancer Information at your Fingertips as a nursing student 17 years ago, so I welcomed this volume, which is similar but focused on breast...

All go at ASCO

01 July 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Atlanta, the home of CNN and Coca-Cola, played host to the 42nd American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting entitled ‘Advocating survivorship...

Prevention is the best policy

07 February 2013

Cancer Nursing Practice


Opinion is divided over breast screening. While most believe that it is beneficial, some think it does more harm than good and that women are not given enough...
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