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Care of older people with cancer: developing education

01 May 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


Demographic and epidemiological data suggest that the number of older people with cancer is set to rise across Europe. By 2050 the older population is expected to...

Chemotherapy for elderly people

12 August 1992

Nursing Standard

Clinical oncology

Elderly people form a large proportion of cancer patients. This has implications for cancer care, in that age is a substantial risk factor in developing cancer. In...

From little acorns...

01 October 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


The Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network (ACORRN) is a new National Cancer Research Institute initiative, funded by Cancer Research UK, the...

Open AccessMitigating risk of cardiovascular disease in people living with and beyond cancer

Cancer Nursing Practice

evidence & practice

Rates of cancer survival have increased in recent decades as a result of earlier diagnosis and improved therapies, but a longer lifespan does not necessarily equate...