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Role of lung cancer nurse specialists in recruiting patients to clinical trials

12 May 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

Facilitating access to anti-cancer treatment is an important factor in improving prognosis for many patients with lung cancer. Lung cancer nurse specialists (LCNSs)...

Chemotherapy is much more widely used

15 September 1999

Nursing Standard


I was interested to read 'Lung cancer: the role of the nurse in treatment and prevention' (Art&Science June 30). It was informative and raised some pertinent issues....

Guidance on managing patients receiving erlotinib therapy

04 November 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


Five UK lung cancer nurse specialists met to arrive at a consensus on optimal follow-up and management strategies for patients with non-small cell lung cancer taking...

Experiences and outcomes of lung cancer patients using electronic assessments

Cancer Nursing Practice

evidence & practice

The NHS Lanarkshire Lung Cancer Project is part of the Transforming Care after Treatment programme, a partnership between the Scottish Government, Macmillan Cancer...

A review of the role of the lung cancer nurse specialist

05 June 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


Nurses in the Scottish lung cancer clinical nurse specialist group benchmarked their activities and examined the key roles of the lung cancer nurse. Twenty six...