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A Practical Guide to the Spiritual Care of the Dying Person

01 February 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

THE INTRODUCTORY statement claims that the information given in this book is not just for catholic patients, family and care providers, but the text makes no...

Understanding BRCA: Living with the Breast Cancer Gene

08 March 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book review

At long last someone has written a book on breast genetics that is informative, accurate and interesting, yet in a manner that makes it relevant to healthcare...

The Essential Guide to Religious Traditions and Spirituality for Health Care Providers

01 April 2013

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book review

THIS INSPIRING American book is not an exhaustive account of all faiths, but I now know about belief systems I previously did not know existed. Each chapter focuses...

A-Z of Spirituality

09 September 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

I AM always in awe of anyone writing with such passion and knowledge about spirituality. Despite being a little hard going to begin with, the book is clear and...

Palliative care nursing principles and evidence for practice

01 April 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

AIMED AT anyone caring for adults with advanced illness and those who are near the end of life in a variety of settings, the second edition of this textbook is...

Spiritual assessment in healthcare practice

01 March 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

THE NURSING and Midwifery Council code of conduct affirms the importance of assessing the social, physical, psychological and spiritual needs of patients, yet many...

Speaking of dying: A practical guide to using counselling Skills in palliative care

01 July 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

THIS IS a back-to-basics introduction to counselling skills that takes a holistic approach to patients, families and carers, professional and non-professional. It...

Soul matters

01 November 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

As A palliative care nurse who often feels out of my depth when it comes to addressing issues relating to spirituality, i was hopeful this book would assist me in...

Religions, culture & healthcare

01 September 2010

Nursing Older People

Book Review

A PERSON’S religion or culture may have a significant effect on their attitudes to treatment, care and associated decisions. This book covers more than 15 different...
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