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The implications of survivorship

10 April 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice


Nearly two thirds of NHS organisations receive funds from external sources to pay for cancer clinical nurse specialists, an exclusive survey by Cancer Nursing...

Supporting the whole family

08 October 2015

Cancer Nursing Practice


Family dynamics change with a cancer diagnosis and the provision of informal care is often taken for granted by health professionals who may underestimate its...

See your practice through another nurse’s eyes

08 March 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice


Over the past ten years I have had the privilege of hosting oncology nurses from all over the world at the Christie Hospital, where they have shadowed staff in the...

Being there for patients

01 May 2009

Cancer Nursing Practice


Despite recent reductions in the mortality rates of some cancers, the lifetime risk of developing the disease remains high at one in three (Cancer Research UK 2008)....

Think change, think positive

01 May 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


We often seem to plan our lives with military precision as we juggle professional roles alongside family, domestic and social commitments. But when the unexpected...

Editorial February 2011: Innovators take centre stage

09 February 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


With this first issue of Cancer Nursing Practice in 2011, it is wonderful to hear about so many oncology nurses who are developing their practice to benefit...

Nurse-led clinics are vital

04 November 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


These are tough times for oncology nurses with pay freezes and uncertainties about NHS pensions. Some specialist nurses also fear that their clinical roles and...

Exciting time for oncology nurses

11 June 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice


Working in oncology is demanding, but rewarding. There are so many opportunities in the specialty through different roles and new treatments such as targeted...

We must be equal partners

08 May 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice


Information exchange with patients and their families is an art that requires understanding, trust and good communication skills. It is impossible to determine what...

Statistics for health, life and social sciences

01 December 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice

Book Review

THIS ELECTRONIC book aims to help people to understand statistics, especially those with limited knowledge. This is relevant for nurses who need to interpret...
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