Reporting poor care
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Reporting poor care

Anita Skinner Nurse and manager, Discovery Care, Kent

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s understanding of nurses’ responsibilities in raising concerns and reporting poor care

What was the nature of the CPD activity, practice-related feedback and/or event and/or experience in your practice?

The article focused on the importance of raising concerns and reporting poor care. It outlined the responsibilities of nurses who witness poor care in their practice, and the procedures they should follow to report it.

Nursing Standard. 32, 20, 64-65. doi: 10.7748/ns.32.20.64.s36

This reflective account is based on NS873 Ion R, Jones A, Craven R (2016) Raising concerns and reporting poor care in practice. Nursing Standard. 31, 15, 55-62.

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