Developing a social media platform for nurses
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Developing a social media platform for nurses

Jennifer Jackson Master of Nursing Student, Athabasca University, Centre for Nursing and Health Studies, Athabasca, Canada
Maggie Kennedy Clerk Training Officer, Nursing Professional Practice Department, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada

Social media tools provide opportunities for nurses to connect with colleagues and patients and to advance personally and professionally. This article describes the process of developing an innovative social media platform at a large, multi-centre teaching hospital, The Ottawa Hospital, Canada, and its benefits for nurses. The platform, TOH Nurses, was developed using a nursing process approach, involving assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. The aim of this initiative was to address the barriers to communication inherent in the large number of nurses employed by the organisation, the physical size of the multi-centre hospital and the shift-work nature of nursing. The platform was used to provide educational materials for clinical nurses, and to share information about professional practice. The implications of using a social media platform in a healthcare setting were considered carefully during its development and implementation, including concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality.

Nursing Standard. 30, 12, 45-52. doi: 10.7748/ns.30.12.45.s47


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Received: 16 March 2015

Accepted: 27 August 2015