Understanding research from different cultures
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Understanding research from different cultures

Hae-Ra Han Department chair, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, department of community-public health, Baltimore, Maryland, US

Hae-Ra Han focuses on culture and introduces five new Nurse Researcher articles relating to the subject now available online first and in this issue

I still remember the culture shock I experienced when I arrived in the US from South Korea more than a decade ago: most people drove a car rather than walked, social gatherings were more family-oriented than age-based or gender-based, and the Baltimore Orioles baseball team were called the ‘O’s as if they were close friends. I was fascinated by the different looks, skin colours and languages to which I had never been exposed.

Nurse Researcher. 26, 1, 6-7. doi: 10.7748/nr.26.1.6.s2

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